Waterfront Homes in Cape Coral

With over one hundred square miles, Cape Coral is Florida’s second largest city in terms of land mass. That’s not the reason why so many residents and visitors call it paradise, though. Cape Coral is an exceptional and breathtaking city, with the unique feature of having more than 400 miles of salt and fresh water canals. That’s 400 beautiful miles of secluded and beautiful Cape Coral waterfront property. Often referred to as the Venice of America, Cape Coral certainly has all the makings of paradise and is the perfect retirement spot for the boater, beachgoer, or fishing fan.

Not everyone wants to live directly on the beach. Cape Coral’s canal properties offer the beauty and exclusiveness of waterfront life without the hectic beach traffic and living in a tourist trap. Most waterfront property in the Cape has the privacy and charm of a family oriented neighborhood, with the additional benefit of the wildlife and beauty of waterfront living.

Imagine watching the sunset while manatees play together right from the comfort of your own Cape Coral waterfront home. No wonder it’s called paradise.

Before purchasing your slice of Cape Coral paradise, there are a few choices you’ll need to be aware of:

Cape Coral Canals 101

When deciding on the perfect waterfront property, keep in mind that there are many different types of canals in Cape Coral, including saltwater canals, freshwater canals, preserves, intersecting canals, and some that offer Gulf access.

Gulf Access: If you are a boater, a Gulf access canal may be important to you. If so, keep in mind that some properties are a quick five minute trip to the river that leads to the Gulf of Mexico, while others may take an hour or more to arrive. The closer or further down river you are located, the more quickly you’ll be on the open waters and out of the 5 mile per hour “No Wake” speed restrictions. More choices to think of include:

Direct/Sailboat access: No bridges, locks or lifts to worry about. This is the least restrictive type of access and is quite important to the boat owner. If you own (or plan to buy) a sailboat, you’ll need to check out the waterway more thoroughly. Just because a listing is direct access does not mean that it is suitable for a sailboat. There are only a few areas in Cape Coral that truly have sailboat access, including proper water depth, and obstruction free. For a sailboat, you’ll want to be on a DEEP DIRECT ACCESS canal.

Freshwater: Many freshwater canals lead to a lake or even a chain of freshwater lakes. If you would rather steer clear of the ocean, choosing property on a freshwater canal may be ideal for you. Again, if you are a boater it is important to be aware of where your canal leads to. Although most do lead to beautiful lakes, there are a few canals that really don’t go anywhere that is suitable for a large boat. If your interests lie in bass fishing or canoeing, these winding canals still offer an excellent way to experience waterfront property at a lower overall price. Our realty team is familiar with the various waterways of Cape Coral and will be sure to steer you in the right direction, according to your needs.

Canal Widths: Along with freshwater or saltwater choices, our canals also come in different widths, which provide a variety of water views. Cape Coral canals range from 80 feet to over 200 feet in width. Some of the most beautiful also offer an intersecting view. The wider the canal, the better the view, so the wider canals are generally prices higher, as are the intersecting canals.

Investment Value: Of course any waterfront property will have a higher resale value than most other property in Cape Coral, but keep your choices in mind when considering the resale value of your canal location. A direct access property located closer to the mouth of the river will appreciate more quickly and appeal to more buyers in the long run.

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Cape Coral Boat Ramps


Boat Ramps


0 northeast of 2632 NW 24TH ST, Eldorado & Gator Slough RG8
1 south of 1706 OLD BURNT STORE RD NORTH RG8
2 1129 NW 31st Pl., near Tropicana & Burnt Store Road RG8
3 NE of 1922 NW 21ST PL, east of Eldorado & Van Buren RG8
4 north of 2738 NW 6th St., SE of Burnt Store Rd & T RG8
5 Burnt Store Boat Ramp, north of Ceitus Parkway Cement
6 Burnt Store Road N & Ceitus Pkwy., north of Publix RG8
7 NW of Kismet & Santa Barbara, south of 337 NW 25th RG3
8 Cape Harbor Boat Ramp, south end of Chiquita Blvd. Cement
9 south of Seahawk Park, 2726 NW 10th Avenue RG3
10 SW of Kismet & Del Prado N, S of NE 12 Ave & NE 22 RG3
11 SE of Kismet & Del Prado N, north of 1904 NE 19TH RG3
12 NW of Tropicana & Anadalusia, north of 1124 NE 5TH RG4
13 Gator Circle & Durden, east of 2204 NE 44th Street RG4
14 Gator Circle & Durden, southeast of 1153 NE 44th Ln RG4
15 N of HBP & NE 24th Ave, west of 2119 NE 5TH TER RG3
16 NW of HBP & Del Prado N, east of 1422 NE 2ND TER RG3
17 SunSplash Boat Ramp, SW 3rd Pl & SW 4th Ter. Cement
18 BMX Park Boat Ramp, west of Skyline & Trafalgar Cement
19 NW of Skyline & Trafalgar, opposite 1328 SW 8TH CT  
20 SW of Chiquita & Veteran’s, opposite 2520 SW 17TH RG4
21 NE of Gleason & Skyline, south of 3110 SW 7TH PL RG4
22 Gleason west of Skyline, east of 913 GLEASON PKWY RG4
23 Lake Finnistere Boat Ramp, east of 4405 SW 13th Ave Cement
24 Yacht Club Boat Ramp, end of Driftwood Parkway Cement
25 Horton Park Boat Ramp, end of Everest Parkway Cement
26 SW of Cultural Park & Nicholas, east of 611 SE 13T RG4
27 NW of Skyline & Veteran’s, west of 2109 SW 8TH PL  
28 Chiquita Blvd. N and NW 8th Terrace, east side  
29 SW of Bolado & SE 24 Ave, west of 519 SE 23RD PL RG3
30 NW of Tropicana & Santa Barbara, S of 1163 NW 4TH RG8
31 Chantry Canal Boat Ramp, south end of SE 24th Ave. Cement